At CDS we have one mission creating top quality ROKU shows. We do take submissions from third parties but we are very selective on the shows we choose to air.

Some important facts to know about ROKU, as of December 2018.

23.8 Million monthly active accounts
Average amount of time each visitor spends watching ROKU is 50 hours monthly
7 Billion hours of content was streamed the first half of 2017
49% is the share Roku’s holdsĀ  on the top device video market
37 million hours a week are streamedĀ  by Roku users
8.6% of US households own a Roku Device
1 Million Smart Roku TVs sold in the USA

Roku is a growing platform offering quality streaming content that can be consumed by millions of people daily.



We are currently working on our Amazon Fire integration, more about that coming soon. Fire offers similar streaming and all of our channels will soon be offered on fire as well.